Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coach House Diner, North Bergen

Coach House Diner
951 Kennedy, North Bergen
Cherry Pie $2.75
Decaf $1.45

We started our search for New Jersey's best cherry pie at the Coach House Diner in North Bergen. Our server made us nervous serving our decaf before bringing the pie. "I don't think our waiter understands the pie and coffee experience," we said. We were calmed somewhat by the outstanding flavor of Coach House's decaf. "Better than many places' regular coffee," we agreed.

The pie thankfully arrived while the coffee was still hot. It was a generous slice presented on plain white diner china that matched the coffee cup and saucer. Most agreeable. Visually, it was already obvious that this was not a flaky crust, and that there was a lot of gelatinous goo in the filling.

The first bite brought some delights. The filling was not too sweet, and the cherries had some integrity. The waiter had asked if we wanted our pie warmed up, and we were glad we said yes.

Decaf was the star of this desert experience, however. When we asked for a warm-up the waiter left a carafe. The second cup was as surprisingly good as the first. Perhaps more surprising, since the first one was so good for diner coffee that we were sure it was a fluke.


Mia said...

Was the "gelatinous goo" a good thing or a bad thing? Y'all know how I feel about corn starch!

Mia said...

By the way, I'm looking forward to being able to tell you to "shut yer pie hole."