Saturday, December 13, 2008

Arlington Diner, Arlington

Arlington Diner
1 River Road, Arlington
Cherry Pie, $2.85
Coffee, $1.10

The car needed a lube job, so we headed out to the Kearny Auto Spa today, knowing that the Arlington Diner was kitty corner from the Auto Spa, and they were likely to have... cherry pie.

Poor Arlington Diner. We really caught them with their cherry pie pants down. We have generally high regard for the Arlington Diner, so we will proceed under the presumption of "today's cherry pie," as distinct from "Arlington Diner's" cherry pie.

After lunch, we ordered a piece of pie to split, and refreshed our coffee. The second cup of coffee was thinner and more disappointing than the first. It was far too hot, and tasted like it had been blasted in the microwave. We aren't saying they did it. We really don't believe anyone would.

Our waitress asked us if we wanted our pie heated up, and we said yes. She delivered a good-size slice of pie on white diner china that matched our saucers. The crust looked like it would not be flaky, but had a pretty glaze. The filling was an appetizing, dark red color, and the ratio of cherries to corn-starchy, gelatinous goo was pretty agreeable. That means more fruit than goo. The flavor of the filling was pleasantly sour, not too sweet, and the cherries offered some resistance when chewed. The crust tasted of refrigerator, and the bottom crust was burned. On the plus side, that burning does seem to support their claim of making their pies on the premises. We will make it a point to return to the Arlington Diner to give them a chance to redeem themselves, but for now we have say that their cherry pie was ... disappointing.

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Mia said...

Tee hee - their cherry pie pants down! As you know, I almost sprayed my hot spiced cider all over the place when I read that.

I'd be more than happy to accompany you to round 2 of the Arlington Diner cherry pie eval.